IPFire 2.15 on VMWare ESXi 5.5


To start this tutorial, I just have to say that installing a firewall like IPfire on a virtual host, is not the safest way to do it. Hackers could still be able to bypass security of the vm and still could get access to your network, but if you follow this tutorial, your network will be secure enough to block most of the known attacks…
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freePBX custom sound files


In my previous post I talked about the installation and configuration of a complete freePBX system. When you have a working PBX, but you don’t live in a country like Belgium where I live, the voices included in Asterisk/freePBX are not included. Here’s how to change that.

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FreePBX & WeePee SIP trunk (BE)


Installing and configuring your own virtual PBX system is actually really easy, if you know what you are doing. We’re going to install a virtual application onto a Vmware Esxi 5.5 server. Best of all? It’s all free, except the server hardware, the Voip provider and the IP phones of course.
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3D farmhouse plans


A new 3D visualisation project, to make a visual to send to the local building counsil, so they can give the go ahead. 3D plans give a much better idea, how the new building will look like an fit in it’s surroundings.

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A new multi processor workstation… Long overdue…


For the last couple of years I was still working with a rather consumer based pc, instead of a serious workstation. Now the time has come to change this :). My current system consists of a Asus socket 1055 motherboard, a 2500K intel processor (light overclock) and 16Gb memory.

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Install a certificate in Kerio Connect


After installing and configuring your Kerio Connect mailserver, to make it more secure, you really should work on a secure connection. By default Kerio Connect comes with a self signed security certificate. This is fine if you don’t mind the security warning the first time you visit the server.

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Kerio Connect, a good Exchange replacement…


I’ve been looking some time for a replacement for my Exchange server, mostly due to the lack of good antispam measures. Don’t get me wrong, there are som minor options you can setup to catch spam, but too much of it gets trough. Kerio Connect fits the bill…

On top of the price of an Exchange server, you will need to add the price of a virus scanner and antispam software. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that in one program? Easy to manage…
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Pure-FTPd FTP server with MySQL backend


When installing a new server (linux), you probably going to need a FTP server to transfer files from and to your webserver. Which brand of software you choose is up to you, but up till now I allways choose to install Pure-FTPd, with a MySQL database to easily add or remove users.
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3D visualisation


To get a better feel of how something may look, you have 2 options. You either build it and see if it fits your needs, or you can make a 3D model. 3D modelling has been around a long time, and is used a lot in prototyping. With 3D printers now becoming more and more affordable, even to home users, there’s actually almost no limit to what you can do.
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XBMC central database


With more and more households having more than one of those gorgeous flatscreens available, so are multiple XBMC’s. You can let each media center act as a standalone version without any problems. But wouldn’t it be nice, if you could start watching a movie in your living room, pause it, shutdown your tv and continue to watch in your bedroom, exactly where you left of?

Well, this is easy. There are in fact some requirements for this to work.
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